July 14, 2024
The Secretariat

CSO Members agree to raise the budget of the WBF

The Council of Senior Officials, the body of Senior Officials appointed by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the Contracting Parties, gathered in Tirana and Durres from 23-26 January 2023.

During the meeting, the CSO took some very important decisions for the future of the WBF. 

Most importantly, the Contracting Parties agreed to increase the budget of the Western Balkans Fund.

The increased budget will allow the WBF to expand its grant-giving portfolio and relevance in the WB Region. 

Other important decisions regard the upcoming launch of the WBF MOVE Grants and the further structuring of the strategic cooperation between our organization, the Swiss Embassy, and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

From 25-26 January, the Secretariat provided detailed information about the lessons learned from the 4-5 Call for Proposals, the diversification of WBF Grant Portfolio, the Governance Manual, budgetary planning and more.

As previously announced during the CSO Meeting, the Belgrade 2022 Chairmanship in Office rotated to Tirana 2023 Chairmanship in Office.