May 30, 2024
The Secretariat Tirana

Committee of Senior Officials Meeting (23-26 January 2023)

A very important week starts today for the Western Balkans Fund.

From 23-26 January, the Committee of Senior Officials (CSO) will reunite to discuss and agree on the next steps and important milestones of 2023.

Among other, the agenda includes

  • Fine-tuning of the WBF MOVE Grants, an additional grant-giving mechanism that will be launched in spring.
  • Institutional and all-inclusive cooperation with the Swiss Government, one of our key partners and supporters of Regional Cooperation
  • The very important subsequent public events, starting with Unstoppable Conference (20-23 February)
  • The Handover of the presidency of the CSO from Belgrade 2022 to Tirana 2023.

And much more.

Stay tuned!