June 12, 2024
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“Challenge History 2 – REACT for the Future” summer school organized in Prizren

“Challenge History 2 – REACT for the Future” summer school kicked off on July 22nd 2018 in Prizren with 23 participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia.

The group was welcomed by the Mayor of Prizren Mr. Haskuka, Dafina Beqiri from the Western Balkans Fund and Sister Spaqi from the Loyola school, UWC Mostar forum ZFD – Bosnia and Herzegovina Democracy Plus Center for Peace and Tolerance, Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia Civil MK Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia.

Curricula of the Summer School was carefully tailored to explore more ideas of youngsters by including interesting lectures and workshops on history teaching and learning in the Western Balkans, critical analyses of national historic narratives and what a multi/perspective approach to history means in today’s context.  Additional important aspects of remembrance, starting with the representation of women in history of the Western Balkans and participants got to engage in the “Memory In motion” pedagogical tool on inclusive culture of remembrance and discussions related to questions of identity and what social elements influence the construction of our identities, including our community, parents, friends but lately also social media.

Youngsters had the possibility to debate on the impact that courage, social activism, stereotypes and standing up for the right values have in the process of reconciliation. In order to better understand the whole scope of the summer school youngsters had a chance to visit Prishtina and Gracanica Monastery. Western Balkan region is very unique, WBF is happy to continue strengthening our good neighborly relations which are essential to underpin and enhance reconciliation in a Western Balkans, a region that suffered conflicts in the recent past.

It is important to remember that youth plays a crucial role in the ongoing reconciliation processes in the region, without your active involvement will be impossible for all of us to have a joint common future.   Together with CPT, WBF believes that in the future will be more opportunities that will support the intercultural dialogue and learning with these methods, because this is the right approach to increase awareness of young people how to cooperate and debate with each other. Furthermore, WBF is convinced that our approach to support regional initiatives makes a valuable contribution to our communities on local and regional level