June 22, 2024
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Celebrating 5 years of Western Balkans Fund!

6 September 2022/

On September 5th, we proudly celebrated a special anniversary, five years of WBF!

Since its establishment in Bled in 2017, WBF envisions a Region at peace with itself, prosperously integrated into its European home.
It envisages a Region where exchange and fruitful, mutually beneficial relations of cooperation between people at all levels and from all walks of life are the norm rather than the exception.
In our short lifespan, we have made a difference in the Region by funding 105 projects and forging a network of more than 4.000 stakeholders.
Yet, the best is to come.
Thanks to the added support of our Contracting Parties, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and valuable partners, such as the European Union, Swiss and Japanese Governments, International Visegrad Fund, Peace Nexus and more, we are constantly growing.
Embarking on another year of our existence, we are preparing many new surprises.
Starting with the one of September 29th, a special reception, on a special night, to celebrate our achievements.
It will be an occasion to show our gratitude towards our founding members, our partners, but above all, to all of you, Civil Society Organisations, stakeholders and citizens, who over those years have become an integral part of what we are.
Thank you!