May 30, 2024
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Info Sessions week over, but you can still engage with us online

On Thursday, with the Info Session in Belgrade, we successfully concluded a busy week dedicated to ERC Grants. From 20-23 May, different teams of the Western Balkans Fund have been.

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Belgrade Cultural Cooperation News/Events Prishtina Success Stories

Tanja Dimitrijevic: Bridging Divides: A Journey of Reconciliation through Podcasting

Tanja Dimitrijevic, from Niš, wears many hats – activist, podcaster, artist, content creator, coach, educator, and consultant. With extensive experience in communication and a recent focus on podcasting, Tanja embarked.

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Belgrade Cultural Cooperation News/Events Success Stories WBF Calls

Camerata Balcanica successful story

“Camerata Balcanica” is a name associated with success. Thanks also to WBF support, the multiethnic orchestra established by Jovanka Višekruna Janković in Belgrade has already performed in many main hubs.

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Appealing to the hearts | The unique form of cooperation promoted by Alexander Crnogorac

There are many ways of promoting regional cooperation. One of them is to appeal to the heart and to the emotions. With his photo exhibition, Alexander Crnogorac, a recipient of.

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Belgrade Cultural Cooperation News/Events

#TeenDOC taking place in Čačak

The #TeenDOC interaction is underway! In Čačak, a workshop is taking place for young teenagers who want to learn and socialise through documentary films. The project is part of the.

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Belgrade Cultural Cooperation Prishtina Success Stories Tirana WBF Calls

Regional Empowerment through artisan products

Regional Empowerment of Women through the promotion of artisan products is a unique project successfully implemented by NVO ”Equality”, Pazarski Bazar Rukotvorina and Women in Public Service Centre. Now, thanks.

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Cultural Cooperation MOVE Grants News/Events Sarajevo

WBF supporting OFF Festival

Western Balkans Fund (WBF) is a proud funder of the Omladinski Film Festival (OFF) taking place in Sarajevo from 18-22 July! OFF is a must-attend event for all film enthusiasts.

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Belgrade Cultural Cooperation MOVE Grants News/Events Podgorica Sarajevo Success Stories

The incredible rise of “Balkan Shorts Film Network”, a WBF success story

Thanks to Western Balkans Fund support, Balkan Shorts Film Network, a grantee of the 4th Call for Proposals, has expanded and acquired new dimensions. Now, coming in is a much.

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Urban culture connecting youth

Young people from Nikšić, Prijedor, and Subotica visited the OPENS Youth Center in Novi Sad, where they successfully completed a three-day training program through interactive workshops and activity evaluation. The.

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Belgrade Cultural Cooperation News/Events The Secretariat

Little Night Music in Kragujevac

A forum for young people was held as part of the Regional Youth Festival “Little Night Music”. Civil and public sector participants from Kragujevac, Ohrid, Bar and Foča exchanged knowledge.

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Inclusion from grammar school Project

For over ten days, our attention has turned towards the WBF Move Grants, the newest grant-giving mechanism launched in mid-March. However, far from the hundreds of potential beneficiaries engaged last.

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Building an artisan bridge of cooperation in the Region

Culture brings people together and has the power to improve lives, transform communities and generate growth and jobs. Artisan products are deeply rooted in the cultural heritage of the Western.

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