July 14, 2024
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Call for Vacancies – Grant Coordinator

14 July 2022/

The Western Balkans Fund is looking for a Grant Coordinator who will help develop, roll out, and coordinate the Diversified Grant Portfolio (DGP). In addition, the Coordinator will also play a role in further developing other parts of WBF’s programming, including by leading or supporting the implementation of (non-grant-making) initiatives and events conducted directly by WBF.

The position requires both programmatic and operational since DGP will contribute to further tailoring WBF’s grant-making offer to the needs of stakeholders while ensuring transparency and sound management of this new grant-making instrument. With the support of the ED, WBF’s program team and (potentially) external experts, the DGP Grant Coordinator will lead the further development of the DGP framework and will coordinate the overall roll-out process, ensuring that all required inputs are in place (call documentation, internal processes of evaluation/assessment and grant management).

The Call is open to all Western Balkans citizens, with a university degree in business, social sciences, or related field of study.

Learn how to apply and the full requirements by downloading the TOR

Call for Vacancy Grant Coordinator