July 14, 2024
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Brandon, our new, bright, intern!

22 September 2022/

We at Western Balkan Fund are happy to welcome Brandon Muhedini our newest and most recent intern who will be working with us on various projects during our 3-week internship program.

Brandon started working with us this Monday and has since started aiding us through various administrative and logistical tasks, providing creative and insightful proposals and solutions.

Brandon is a recent college graduate from the United States, having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from St. Olaf College, a private liberal arts school situated in the state of Minnesota. During his time in St Olaf, Brandon was engage in various political and social activities, including volunteer student voter registration, petition signing for the protection of Native American land against the construction of oil pipelines in the northern region of Minnesota, as well as attended and participated in many student organized political events.

After graduating from college, Brandon obtained a job at Ohio Citizen Action, a grassroots non-profit organization focused on environmental protection and consumer advocacy. Through both their field and phone canvassing team, Brandon was able to help the organization by educating members of the local community on various campaigns the organization facilitated, with a focus on anti-corruption and renewable energy and energy efficiency programs at the local level as well as aided in raising funds for those same campaigns.