June 12, 2024
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Anela Valjevac joins WBF Team in the capacity of HR Officer

The WBF is excited to announce Ms. Anela Valjevac joining the WBF team.

Ms. Valjevac will be assuming the position of HR manager within the Secretariat. She will also manage the portfolio of projects coming from her native Contracting Party, CP Sarajevo.

Ms. Valjevac joins WBF with an extensive 15 years of experience in HR in international setting ranging from working with European corporations, to rapidly growing software design companies and international organisations.  Ms. Valjevac is an established organisational development consultant and trainer.

After finishing business studies in Sarajevo, Ms. Valjevac earned her MBA degree in Zagreb, Cotrugli Business School, one of the most renowned business schools in South East Europe.

“I am excited to be joining WBF team, and hopefully create some additional value to what is already a very unique and progressive organisation in our region” – Anela Valjevac.