June 22, 2024
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All WBF 2nd Call projects are successfully closed!

WBF is glad to announce that all its 24 projects funded in the framework of 2nd Call for Proposals have been successfully closed and are fully implemented!

Congratulations to all our partner organizations, for their great achievements in the benefit of the region, establishing new bridges of connection, friendship relations and networks of mutual understanding in the areas of culture, education youth empowerment and economic development. Hundreds of participants, young experts, professionals, artists, educators, women, students etc. were involved and contributed with their knowledge, time and effort to implementation of our projects, building stronger people to people links in WB region.

Even though the un-precedent situation created by CORONA 19 pandemic, the narrative and financial reporting for each project were carefully and closely followed by our secretariat staff. They all have delivered the best results and impact!

We are looking forward to continue our activities and to enhance the cooperation with our partners all over the region.