Western Balkans Fund (WBF)

Established in the framework of the Berlin Process, the creation of the Western Balkans Fund is considered an important political decision and also, a significant positive mark of the new cooperation spirit taking roots in the Balkans.

Through it, the WB countries give another clear demonstration of their political will for strengthening the neighborly relations, the spirit of cooperation in the region and towards the European integration processes.

The “Agreement for the Establishment of the WBF”, was signed by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia.

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Towards the Establishment of WBF

Western Balkans Fund (WBF) is created, as an all-inclusive regional initiative, through which, participating parties commit their own resources to finance regional projects and for supporting the overall development and cooperation of the civil society organizations in the Western Balkans.

WBF has a special identity, emphasized by its main mission: Promotion of regional cooperation and cohesion, integration in the European Union and common presentation in third parties. WBF aims at strengthening “people-to-people” contacts in areas such as culture, education, research, environment, cross-border cooperation and youth, etc.

The support of regional civil society projects constitutes the essence of WBF; Grant – Giving is the mechanism that will be used to achieve this goal.


After the signing of the Agreement for the establishment of WBF (Prague, November 2015), the efforts are concentrated on creating the necessary legal and…

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• www.mfa.gov.al                                         • www.visegradfund.org

• www.mvpei.gov.me                                   • www.rcc.int

• www.mfa.gov.mk                                       • www.wb6.info

• www.mfa.gov.rs

• www.mvp.gov.ba

• www.mfa-ks.net

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