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Ms. Sanja Petkovska

WBF Project coordinator

Sanja comes from Belgrade and holds a doctoral degree in Cultural Studies awarded by the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Belgrade in November 2017. Previously she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Continuing Education and a master’s degree in Sociology. Among the numerous international and non-profit organizations she was associated to we could mention: OSCE Mission to Serbia, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Women’s. Initiatives Association, Centre for Educational Policy, The Serbian Political Science Association (SPSA), and many others. Additionally, she was associated to numerous governmental policy working groups and projects one of which is Poverty Reduction Strategy. Furthermore, her academic career included engagement in the Dialoguing Posts academic network, International Drama/Theatre and Education Association and she is currently also associated as a National Research Expert to Centre for Advanced Study Sofia (CAS) ’s project. Her research is thematically focused on social, political, economic and cultural aspects of knowledge production and distribution, but also on the problems of gender and inequality. She is author of the book The Idea of University and Bologna Process (2010) and numerous other articles, essays and contributions in Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian (BCS) and English. Currently she is also preparing as book with Routledge on the topic of progressive politics and policies for former socialist countries which could prevent their rising peripherialization. Besides the academic work and work in non-profit sector, she took part in several artistic initiatives, activities and publications, including a blog Biking the Post-Socialist Decay dedicated to exploring the possibilities for using biking in ethnographic research.