“Now we have new friends in the Region and together we can change things”



On 11 of February, in Tirana “Balkan Girl Power” exhibition, a project financed by Western Balkans Fund and implemented by Social Contract Institute (SCI) was launched.

The project provided opportunities for more than 70 girls of 16-26 years old from Tirana, Skopje, Pristina, Belgrade and Podgorica to get to know each other and develop through photography, a shared vision of Western Balkans societies where women and girls play an equally active role with man and boys, in progress towards EU integration processes.

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WBF visits the CEI Secretariat Headquarters 




On 14-15 of February, a delegation from WBF Secretariat, payed a working visit to the Central European Initiative (CEI) Secretariat Headquarters, in Trieste.

WBF delegation, composed by WBF ED Mr. Gjergj Murra, WBF Senior Official from BiH MFA, Mr. Milos Prica and WBF Programme Manager Ms. Dafina Beqiri, held discussions with CEI Secretary General, Mr. Roberto Antonione, alternate SG, Mr. Antal Nikoletti, Deputy SG, Mrs. Nina Kodelja and a team of experts covering different areas of competency within organization.

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