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Regional Media Coverage

11 December 2021

Regional media coverage is essential to the Western Balkans Fund. Thanks to the special status of the organisation, EU/WBF joint action has enjoyed considerable support from the national press agencies, such as ATA, MINA, MIA, or Kosovo Press. The press releases have targeted the regional media, many in the local languages of each Contracting Party. November-December registered a 400% increase in Facebook and 312% in reach in Instagram, compared with the same quarter. WBF kick-off event figured in many local media, and during the Info Sessions, media were present.

The Communication and Visibility Plan, Dissemination Plan, design, and production of the promotional items (all part of WP4) have been accomplished. Overall, the project’s first months have been in line with the expected Key Performance Indicators outlined in the Communication and Visibility Guidelines and the Dissemination and Communication Plan. Last but not least, the Western Balkans Fund webpage was enhanced to accommodate the strict visibility criteria of the European Union.