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Month: January 2018

WBF First Call: Eligibility completed

The Secretariat of the Western Balkans Fund has started the assessment of the regional project proposals submitted, as part of its First Call, immediately after the deadline, 22 December 2017. During this time period, 360 projects were analyzed in details, based on the standards made public on the Guidelines of the Call. It is positive…
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Detailed information related to the project proposals for WBF First Call

Western Balkans Fund Secretariat is pleased to release some more evidence regarding its first Call for regional projects, (15 November – 22 December 2017): After the deadline expired, 351 applications were submitted. A large number, exactly 1298 partners networked and interact with each other, for proposing joint regional project ideas and concrete actions. The average…
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WBF First Call for Project Proposals – Details related to the Info Sessions

In the period of November 21 and December 8, 2017, WBF team organized six Information Sessions in the Capitals of the region as foreseen in the framework of the WBF first Call for Regional Project Proposals. In cooperation with Ministries of Foreign Affairs of each respective WBF Contracting Party, the WBF team managed to smoothly…
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